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Growing and selling Platycerium (staghorn ferns) and other epiphytes since 1984.


The mail-order source for fine ferns, lycopodium (huperzia) and other rare plants.

Originator of these fine cultivars:

Platycerium 'Charles Alford'

P. 'African Oddity'

P. 'Callard'

P. 'Jimmy Davis'

P. 'Little Will'

P. 'Lucy'


To receive my list by email, please send your request to the address at the bottom of the page.  Several offerings are sent during the warm months of the year.  Please feel free to inquire about specific plants at any time.

Ferns have been around for millions of years.  Most of us think of ferns as soft plants, needing abundant moisture, and shade.  Actually, ferns live in almost every habitat.  Some are aquatic.  Some live on trees or rocks.  And, they can even be found in deserts, and exposed mountaintops.

Although my focus has always been staghorn ferns, I grow species from many other genera.  Most are tropical epiphytes, but some are terrestrial.

Click on a genus name to the left, to learn more. 

As time goes by, I will add more plants to this page.

To navigate this site, please select a genus, and then a species.  Use your back button, or select UP to return to the genus page.  Some new platycerium cultivars are featured on the cultivar page, accessed from the platycerium page.

Some of my offerings do not fit into one of the main categories on my site.  Photos of some of these plants can be seen on my Odds and Ends Page.

Please be patient while I build this site.  I hope to share images of plants I have grown, or had the privilege of observing in other collections, as well as images of the plants I grow for sale.

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