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Drynaria is a genus of mostly large ferns.  They have two types of frond.  In addition to the large, long, spore-bearing fronds, they have short, sometimes rounded fronds, which collect leaf litter and debris.

Most of these are at least semi-deciduous.

Drynarialaurentii1.jpg (63518 bytes)

Drynaria laurentii comes from Cameroon.  This seems to be fairly easy to grow, and is not as large as some species.

Dry.rigWhitei7.jpg (77397 bytes)

D. rigidula 'Whitei' is a sterile cultivar.  Typical D. rigidula does not have the teeth on the normal fronds.  These fronds can reach six feet or more.  This plant is decorative mounted, or in a basket.  Fairly easy to grow, but definitely seasonal.