Lemmaphyllum microphyllum


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Lemmaphyllum microphyllum is a small fern, essentially a compact vine. It is adaptable as to media, but it does well in an epiphytic mix of peat, fine bark, and perlite, or any open peat based mix.

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3" Pot

  1. Kevin England

    This was my first purchase from Rare Ferns. For me this is a very easy to grow fern in my greenhouse. The plant has almost doubled in diameter in a little less than a year completely outgrowing it’s pot. I keep my greenhouse 84deg F and 80% humidity in the growing season with a night time lows of no less than 55deg F in winter. The plant is located on a lower shelf on the north-facing side of the greenhouse where it gets very filtered sunlight and a cooling fog a few times an hour in summer with ample air movement all day. I mainly grow tropical orchids from South America (Ecuador), but I have enjoyed the challenge of tropical ferns as well.

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